Determining Scientific Research and Experimental Development eligibility and wading through the submission process can be an extremely time consuming task. If you don't understand the process, the jargon, file the wrong paperwork, miss a deadline, or say the wrong thing, your claim will be denied. Many companies who have filed leave considerable SR & ED eligible activities unclaimed because they lack the thorough understanding necessary to maximize their claim. Or they waste valuable business time trying to understand or determine eligibility. With guidance document rules and legislation continually evolving, it's practically impossible for most companies to stay up to date with SR & ED refund eligibility.

Custom Business Solutions works closely with Revenue Canada to ensure we are aware of changes or interpretations with respect to SR & ED eligibility. We quickly identify SR & ED-eligible projects that would otherwise be overlooked. Our simplified process ensures you spend as little time necessary working on your SR & ED claim. We do all the research, write up the technical diescriptions, identify eligible costs and determine the refund. We work with you to ensure you get what you deserve. If you are entitled to a refund—99% of our clients are!—we make sure you get it quickly, and with very little stress or time commitment on your part.

Custom Business Solutions has a proven track record for identifying, preparing—and, if necessary, defending—over 150 Scientific Research and Experimental Development claims every year. We successfully file claims in every industry in excess of $10 Million, and have never had a claim denied.

What is Eligible?
What Work Qualifies?
What Work Does Not Qualify?
Does Your Work Qualify?
Making a Claim
What Do I Have to Do?
What Will It Cost Me?
How Long Does It Take?

What is Eligible?    [top]

Eligibility is determined on a project-by-project basis. Each project must satisfy three criteria:

  1. New knowledge was generated by resolving technological challenges of the project.
  2. New knowledge was generated through a systematic investigation by qualified personnel.
  3. Technological challenges of the project could not be overcome by generally available knowledge or experience.

Custom Business Solutions specializes in identifying the aspects of your business that meet these technological criteria.

What Work Qualifies?    [top]

Technical activities that qualify as SR & ED expenditures:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Trials under shop floor conditions
  • Operations research
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Computer programming
  • Data collection
  • Testing

What Work Does Not Qualify?    [top]

Activities that do not qualify as SR & ED expenditures:

  • Market research and sales promotion
  • Quality control and routine testing
  • Research in the social sciences or humanities
  • Prospecting, exploring or drilling for, or producing minerals,
    petroleum or natural gas
  • Commercial production of a new or improved material,
    device or product
  • Commercial use of a new or improved process
  • Style changes

Custom Business Solutions has the technical and financial skills to determine what activities qualify.

Does Your Work Qualify?    [top]

Start by looking at some of your innovative projects and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What were the technological challenges and issues?
  2. Why was your investigation necessary? Was there no other way?
  3. How is this work expected to advance your company's knowledge base?
  4. Did you learn anything through your work on this project?
  5. Do you have documents to substantiate your work such as photographs, drawings, reports, etc.?

If you are having trouble answering these questions that does not mean the project is ineligible.

Making a Claim    [top]

To receive an SR & ED cash refund or tax credit you must submit a claim to the federal and provincial governments. Custom Business Solutions takes the following approach in preparing a successful claim.

  1. We determine which projects are eligible by interviewing the project leaders.
  2. We write project descriptions that make a credible case to the government for an SR & ED cash refund or tax credit.
  3. We determine the related SR & ED expenditures.
  4. We file the appropriate government forms and schedules.

The most important element in a successful SR & ED claim is the project description.

What Do I Have to Do?    [top]

You need to run your business and continue to be innovative. Custom Business Solutions will prepare your claim. We need you to explain your projects to us. We can take it from there.

What Will It Cost Me?    [top]

We will prepare the claim at no cost to you. Custom Business Solutions works on a contingency basis. If we determine your work to be eligible we will prepare and submit your claim. When your claim is successful and you have received your cash refund or tax credit from the government, then we get paid. There is no fee for an unsuccessful claim.

How Long Does It Take?    [top]

The SR & ED claim deadline is 18 months from the end of your fiscal year. The best time to make a claim is with your regular tax return. This will get you the quickest results in as little as 3 months. Claims filed after your regular tax return may take as little as 6 months.


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