Presently, there are roughly half a million family members paying close to $2,000 a year into Employment Insurance.
That’s $1 Billion a year in over–deducted E.I. from people who may not be eligible to collect.






Did you know that family members are not eligible to collect E.I. benefits even though they have been paying E.I. premiums for years?

So why are you paying it?

Determining EI eligibility and wading through the ruling process can be an extremely stressful and time consuming task. If you don’t understand the process, the jargon, file the wrong paperwork, miss a deadline, or say the wrong thing, your claim will be denied and you will be mandated to continue paying premiums forever. And you still may not be eligible to claim EI benefits.

We can help stop the bleeding and get your money back.

We work with you to ensure you get what you deserve. If you are entitled to a refund, we make sure you get it quickly and with very little stress or time commitment on your part. With CBS, you can enjoy:

  • A fast, unobtrusive process.
  • Proven results—99% of our clients have received a refund
  • Minimal time commitment on your part. An hour of your time is all that may be required!

Our consultants work with you to:

  1. Review your Family Members eligibility
  2. Write the technical descriptions, prepare the necessary forms and submit to CRA
  3. File the E.I. refund request to get your money.
  4. Ensure you and your family only pays for benefits that you are entitled to receive.

You get a refund, or you don't pay.

We chargea percentage of the total refund you receive. The future savings are all yours. If we are unsuccessful at getting you a refund, you don’t pay.

What the Canada Revenue Agency has to say about it.

Click Here to view the official statement from CRA.

The Process

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