The key to successfully growing your company is getting access to funds at the right time, when you need them. Custom Business Solutions not only identifies programs that can help your business grow, we show you how to access them. Many companies spend hours sifting through the many available incentative programs, trying to find out if and how to apply. We work with your company by identifying and helping you secure the assistance you need as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Assistance Programs
Scientific Research & Experimental Development SR & ED
Refundable Tax Credits of up to 35% of business expenses. Based on our experience, up to 95% of manufacturers (all kinds—you name it) and most IT companies qualify for this generous program. Companies have a narrow window (timeframe) of eligibility.

Provincial SR & ED incentatives
Same program as above except each province adds an extra refundable amount for eligible companies. In Ontario for instance, companies receive an additional 10% of the total business cost in a refund cheque.

Grant Programs
Industrial Research Assistance Program IRAP Grant program through National Research Council (NRC) which offers grants of up to $350,000 to innovative companies for capability enhancement.

Subsidy Programs
Youth Employment Strategy (YES) Wage subsidy program geared at hiring Canadian youth within the Technology and IT industry.

HRDC Employment Subsidy Program
Wage subsidy program geared at getting individuals on Employment Insurance back into the work force.

Federal Career Focus Program
Wage subsidy geared at getting Youth into the workforce.

Technology Partnerships Canada TPC
Loan program of up to $2.500,000 to promote capability enhancement, to share technological risk and for enhancement specific to the Aerospace industry

Program for Export Market Development PEMD
Loan program of up to $50,000 per market to develop and implement export strategy.

Export Development Canada EDC
Loans for knowledge-based businesses.

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